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Note: this letter is complete!

-- Firstly, thank you for making me a vid. This is my first year playing along with [community profile] festivids and I'm quite excited :D Before we start: I will probably love anything you make :D No one has ever made me a vid before.

What I generally like in vids:
Fast pace, internal movement, panning in/out, matching to the beat of music, voiceovers, emotional vids, character-centric vids or gen!vids... If you haven't guessed already, I love all vids, and am guaranteed to like whatever vid you make me <3!

I am a big music lover, and like pretty much all types of vid. My favourites are Iron & Wine, Muse, Thriving Ivory, etc. My favourite instrumental composer (by far!) is John Murphy, I love his work <3 I love instrumental music just as much as pop/rock, and I have no preference over fast or slow songs - whatever you prefer :] sometimes a vid just demands a certain song, right?

(These are just options; don't feel like this is a rigid set of rules <3 I just know that when I take vid requests I like as much detail as possible, so this is my offering. But seriously: I will love whatever you make!)

IMO this movie is so incredibly beautiful, and I will love any vid that focuses on that. Alexander is my favourite tragic hero, he's so inherently flawed that it just cuts right to my soul, idk what it is about him. HOWEVER, I would love a gen vid just as much - something about the whole gang and how they forged an Empire at such a young age. I am not averse to a bit of Hephaestion/Alexander shipping (but nothing too explicit, please, my little asexual heart would collapse).

Resident Evil (movies)
OH HO HO, where to start? I love RE. I love every aspect of RE, every single tiny little frame flicker and minor character and perfectly-masked zombie. I cannot explain how much I love RE, and how much I will love any RE vid you make. I'm totally handing the reigns to you here festividder, because I would love to see what you come up with.
I don't really ship anyone, I kind of prefer everyone banding together as heroes, but if you want to put a bit of Alice/Carlos in there then go crazy!
(If you really want direction: I love the main characters, and would love to see a vid that shows their survivalism and the way they deal with the end of the world. My favourites of the series are Apocalypse and Extinction; Apocalypse for badass!Jill, and Extinction for the absolute perfect that is Claire's convoy. I love the way the people band together, and the way in which Alice so desperately needs to hold on to humanity)
No worries if you can't get Retribution clips, I appreciate how difficult that is right now (I have no idea when the DVD comes out).

Girl, Interrupted
Mental health is something I'm really passionate about (holla!) so something focusing on that and the way in which the girls deal with that would be brilliant. My absolute fave is Lisa, I think Angelina Jolie's performance is just stunning.

Monarch of the Glen
NGL, I'm not expecting anyone to match me on this fandom. But it was worth a try, right? ;) If you do (thankyouthankyou) then any vid would be brilliant, there are seriously no vids :( My favourite character is Lexie, her sassyness knows no bounds.

A Knight's Tale
Anything that features Will's journey would be amazing, especially if you pair it with Chaucer's voiceovers. This movie is a childhood favourite of mine, so much love!

O Brother Where Art Thou?
OHMAN, where to begin? I love this movie. I love Homer's Odyssey, and I get happy feels inside when I watch this movie. If you're looking for direction, something that centers on the similarity between this movie and the Odyssey would be great, but, as ever, I will love anything you make <3 (P.S, I really think Iron & Wine music goes well with this movie, no?)

Starship Troopers
I love this movie with all my cynic's heart. The fascism, the comedy, the bugs. I would love something focusing on the M.I kids (or, more specifically: Dizzy) and how they go from being high schoolers to war veterans almost overnight. I ship Johnny/Dizzy with all my doomed-shipper heart. I kind of have this theory that Phantom Planet works *really* well with this movie.

Overall: I will pretty much love you forever no matter what vid you make. So, go wild festividder, and I'll see you in January!


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