Nov. 1st, 2013

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Long time no update. I'm alive, just very busy & stressed, although I have a week off university now so that should be good.

On to business: I have a tonne of books I want to get rid of. Most of these are books I bought when I was doing my Literature degree; books which are completely useless to me now. I have nowhere to keep them and it makes me sad that so many good books are just lying around in various cupboards in my house.

I don't want much for them, just a few £s + postage (from the UK), I'll ship to wherever, you can buy more than one, etc. Comment here if you are interested, let me know how much you're willing to pay, and then I will PM you.

Most of these are ~Lit student~ type books, ie the classics, but there are a couple of normal fiction books. They're all pretty good quality and most of them cost me a lot. There are no Greek/Roman texts on here because I still need to use them - it's mostly English lit from the Victorian era.

This is public so feel free to link around if you know anyone who has a burning desire to own a bunch of literature.

list here )


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