Dec. 26th, 2012


Dec. 26th, 2012 01:33 am
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I got 3 stories for Yuletide - three! And I have another gift waiting to be revealed when Yuletide Madness opens! I'm so happy!

I got:

The Three Days Before Christmas, a wonderful Stargate: Universe fic - somebody actually wrote my Eli-makes-a-Christmas-documentary-on-Novus idea, and I love it! I would definitely recommend reading it :D

Christmas on Novus, another SGU Novus-timeline fic (can't you tell that Novus is my favourite alternate reality? XD), and I love it; everybody is so in-character, and there are typical SGU happenings: trying to plan tree decorating, dressing up as Santa, and somebody being a Grinch :P

The Stars At Dawn, a post-movie Starshop Troopers fic - that's right, I finally got the Starship Troopers fic I've been requesting for years! I'm so happy, and this fic is so perfect, I absolutely love it, and it really solidifies why Dizzy is my favourite :D

I've had a good day, watched a lot of Buffy & Firefly, and had a lovely bath with some strawberry bath creame my grandparents got me :) Also my mum got me the fluffiest pink slippers ever, I stg, I am in love with them <3 My rats loved their presents, and I have a few videos of them to post next time. I hope you all enjoy what's left of Christmas!

Posting this on my phone 'cause I'm a pro.


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