Dec. 1st, 2012

cirque: Sam Carter from Stargate Atlantis, standing alone in front of an active Stargate. (gate)
Title: 2012
Fandom: Stargate (SG-1)
Characters: Cassandra Fraiser, Sam Carter.
Rating/Category: PG/gen
Wordcount: 1244
Summary: She's never really stopped to consider the fact that there are armies out there willing to blow a hole in the galaxy. Or that, once upon a time, they were willing to use her to do it.
Notes/warnings: The end of the world, from Cassie’s perspective. (It’s officially December, which means I’m free to post all the apoca!fic I want right? Here’s to the Alien Invasion of 2012!). I figured that there are enough fics exploring alien invasion from other characters’ POVs, I wanted to see how it would feel from Cassie’s perspective. I took some liberties with her age, I guess, because in 2012 she’d probably be too old for college, but maybe she went to med school or something idk she probably wants to be a doctor like her mother.
A/N 2: Yep, I’m still procrastinating my Yuletide piece. At least this is in the same fandom? Kind of?

When the world ends Cassie is sick. Her eyes sting and her head pounds, and she starts seeing spaceships in the sky between star clusters and airplane halos... )



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